IMET2000 Clinical Research Club

At IMET2000 Clinical research club you will gain the access to know and learn more about the clinical research world, this may help you to find new treatments approach or refresh the existence guidelines if it approved by your hospital or health ministry.
Our Research Club is proposed and designed by IMET2000-Pal for both students and healthcare employees (doctors, academics, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and health allied) to advance and enhance their careers and healthcare system in Palestine.
All club members  will  encouraged to write a  research for a clinical study they choose and has the potential to be published or presented professionally nationally or/and  internationally.
Improved health and wellbeing of individuals is the crucial goal of clinical research. Clinical research is defined as a study usually conducted to assess the safety and effectiveness of an intervention in groups of subjects related to the human body, health and diseases, which could be used by healthcare providers to be a diagnostic, preventative, or therapeutic tool in future practice.
routine and even the most reliable opinions are unfortunately not sufficient for deciding if a certain treatment or guideline benefits overweight its risks. For this scientific evidence using clinical researches are needed especially in the Palestine community.
Palestine with its limited resources and unnoticeable research amount particularly in the clinical field are wasting a large amount of money and opportunities on treatments that may be ineffective or even harmful to patients while effective ones are still waiting for the results of well- designed clinical research.
Aims and Objectives:
 IMET2000 Clinical Research Club is designed for new healthcare graduates and employees to give them the basic and advance knowledge of these topics:
  •  How to differentiate between research & clinical audit
  • How to conduct useful clinical audits
  • How to write a research proposal.
  • How to select a research topic.
  • How to identify the types of research efforts.
  • How to read papers.
  • How to develop research approaches.
  • How to start your first research.
Privilege of IMET2000 Clinical Research Club membership:
  • IMET2000 has a Budget of 10000 $ grants which could be used by our research club candidates to conduct, analyze and publish their clinical research papers.
  • She/he will get high certificates by the end of program.
  • She/he will have a free access to IMET2000 forum which contains many valuable papers and resources that could be used to rich participants knowledge.
  • She/he will take the priority with travel bursary to attend international research conferences and introduce their clinical research.
  • She/he will have the priority to be accepted in our local annual research conference
  • She/he will have the priority to register in IMET2000-Pal courses and workshops.